Our Mission

Beautiful Together.

 Culture Creative is based on a belief that together, when we leverage our perspectives, talents, and energy for the greater good, we can build a more beautiful world.

Awareness is the first step, but it’s not enough. A culturally intelligent individual is not only aware but can also effectively work and relate with people and projects across different cultural contexts.Our mission is to work with organizations (non-profit, for profit, faith or market space) that want to create a business or a community where every person has the opportunity to achieve their highest human potential.

Cultural Intelligence has three components—the cognitive, the physical, and the emotional/motivational.


What others have to say…

"Julian Newman is a dynamic speaker who blessed our leaders at Wedgwood Christian Services with a training on Healing America’s Wound and race relations in America. Julian delivered an exceptional presentation that received a lot of positive response. Attendees appreciated his humor and heartfelt stories to support his strong message. I received several calls and e-mails indicating an appreciation for Julian’s content, delivery, and conviction in what he had to say. He made a significant impact on our management team and organization. The value that he brought is immeasurable and I wholeheartedly recommend his powerful presentations."

— Marla Cole, Associate Director of Human Resources

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Culture Creative is all about creativity, imagination, hope, empathy, courage, humanity, and community.

Creativity: The Power to Make Something New 

Imagination: The Vision to See a New World 

Hope: An Expectation for Good 

Empathy: The Ability to Step into Another's Story 

Courage: The Strength to Live Authentically 

Humanity: The Choice to Be Compassionate 

Community: A Place To Belong