Is Your Company Trapped in Jurassic Park?

Many companies are living in Jurassic Park.

Homogeneity, organizational silos, and lack of collaborative leadership engagement are just some of their characteristics.

And just like the dinosaurs, they are quickly going extinct.

But diverse teams that are comprised of different perspectives, origin stories, skill sets, and mindsets aren’t just surviving the changing world, they are thriving in it.

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Julian Newman
What the Internet Can Teach Us About Human Connections

With the exponential expansion of bandwidth anything and everything now seems possible. Ironically while we have this expanded technological bandwidth, this same technology creates a more compartmentalized world. 

Paradoxically, as we are electronically linked to different people, cultures, and colors we are also digitally divided. 

We erect digital walls of separation that keep us segregated. 

Connected through machines while being disconnected as people. 

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Julian Newman
Company Cultural Collisions & What To Do Next

What is true in all of these instances is that until their was external cultural outcry (customers being treated unfairly in grossly overt way, complaints from consumers, social media backlash, etc), there was little to no awareness of the lack of cultural intelligence that caused the collision in the first place.

And unlike the car industry that is coming up with new technology to make drivers more safe (hence things like distracted driving monitors), we keep having these cultural collisions in the corporate space.

But what if we could devise a system to better avoid the pain, expense, and inconvenience of cultural collisions?

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Julian Newman
What is Water Privilege?

Privilege is a hot button these days.

Conversations about privilege can cause frustration, create online arguments, and strain personal/professional relationships.

It even more intense when you place certain descriptors in front of the word privilege.

But in conversations I’ve had all over the country in boardrooms, classrooms, churches, and auditoriums, I’ve become convinced that most of us just don’t understand it.

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Julian Newman
Press Pause (And If You Forget Please Press Rewind!!!)

I have a confession to make.

I was alive when cassette tapes were cool.

New Edition, Bobby Brown, LL Cool J, Guy, Bell Biv Devoe, Guy, Heavy D and more.

You’d go to the record store to pick up the brand new tape of your favorite artist, pop it in your car stereo cassette deck or snap it into your Sony Walkman (With EXTRA BASS!) to listen to scorching hot new music.

And if you didn’t have the cash to buy it from the store, you could grab a set of blanks and dub it from someone who did.

Dubbing was fine art.

You had to make sure sure the tapes were synced right, rewound tight, and ready to roll.

You had to hit play and record perfectly.

You had to watch carefully to make sure tape didn’t twist, turn, or jam.

A twisted tape was the absolute worst.

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Julian NewmanComment
Principle of Two Truths

The effectiveness of our influence as leaders in these rapidly changing times is often how well we leverage the principle of two truths.

Two truths principle means the ability to hold two equal truths in tension without invalidating one or the other.

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Julian Newman
Respect Due

“You don't have to like each other but you will respect each other.” - Coach Herman Boone, Remember the Titans

Whether a weekend warrior at the local gym or a professional athlete, if you’ve played competitive sports you know what it’s like to go hard.

I mean really hard.

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Julian NewmanComment
The Specific Vs. The Transcendent

A little boy saw countless numbers of starfish washed-up on the seashore. So the boy started throwing as many starfish his small hands could grab back into the water.

An older man who watched criticized the boy saying, “There is too much! You will never be able to make a difference!”

At that point, the young idealist threw yet another starfish back into the sea and said, “I did for that one!”

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Julian NewmanComment
Getting Defensive

Thoughts rushed in my head like, “Who does she think she is? Doesn’t she know I am in charge of this gathering? Aren’t I the expert? OF COURSE I KNOW THE HISTORY BEHIND THAT WORD! THAT ISN’T WHAT I MEANT! WHAT I MEANT WAS…”

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Julian Newman