Our Mission

Beautiful Together.

 Culture Creative is based on a belief that together, when we leverage our perspectives, talents, and energy for the greater good, we can build a more beautiful world.

Awareness is the first step, but it’s not enough. A culturally intelligent individual is not only aware but can also effectively work and relate with people and projects across different cultural contexts.Our mission is to work with organizations (non-profit, for profit, faith or market space) that want to create a business or a community where every person has the opportunity to achieve their highest human potential.

Cultural Intelligence has three components—the cognitive, the physical, and the emotional/motivational.


What others have to say…

"Julian Newman is a dynamic speaker who blessed our leaders at Wedgwood Christian Services with a training on Healing America’s Wound and race relations in America. Julian delivered an exceptional presentation that received a lot of positive response. Attendees appreciated his humor and heartfelt stories to support his strong message. I received several calls and e-mails indicating an appreciation for Julian’s content, delivery, and conviction in what he had to say. He made a significant impact on our management team and organization. The value that he brought is immeasurable and I wholeheartedly recommend his powerful presentations."

— Marla Cole, Associate Director of Human Resources

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Culture Creative is all about creativity, imagination, hope, empathy, courage, humanity, and community.

Creativity: The Power to Make Something New 

Imagination: The Vision to See a New World 

Hope: An Expectation for Good 

Empathy: The Ability to Step into Another's Story 

Courage: The Strength to Live Authentically 

Humanity: The Choice to Be Compassionate 

Community: A Place To Belong


The Importance of Cultural Intelligence

With the ever-changing dynamic workspace of today knowledge gaps in terms of different cultures and customs are now being exposed more regularly. Cultural divides affect staff morale, work environment, and relationships, all of which influence the quality of work being produced.

 Cultural intelligence is a positive change for all companies; it means greater access to more resources, knowledge and talent, offering a more dynamic work environment.

 No matter how culturally diverse a workplace environment is, people can still forget that not all experiences, perceptions and perspectives are the same, which can lead to issues with the work being done and cause friction in the work place between coworkers. 

 Cultural intelligence is more than just cultural awareness and sensitivity. Individuals and companies with high cultural intelligence have the ability to relate to culturally diverse situations in a positive and compassionate way with people from various cultures and disciplines that could have an impact on the business and relationships. 

 Having a mix of cultures operating together within one organization can bring a number of benefits to your business. In the extremely diverse world we live in, it is becoming vital for companies to have cross-cultural skills in order to remain competitive. 

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Julian Newman

Consultant, Speaker, Author

Julian Newman is recognized as a creative and inspirational speaker/leader/consultant in the areas of organizational diversity and cultural agility initiatives. With over 20 yrs of field experience, combined with his unique ability to tell stories drawing uncommon insight out of everyday life situations. Julian brings together and maximizes a powerful blend of people and process. His client experience represents a wide range of organizations that include Corporations, Educational Institutions, Churches, Non-Profits, among many others. Julian was named to the Great Lakes Multi-Ethnic Regional Team to facilitate racial reconciliation and diversity training in Michigan faith communities.

He is currently writing book, “The Re-imagination of the American Jesus Movement: A discussion about Race, Faith, & America”

Julian is the Founder/CEO of Culture Creative, consulting corporations nation wide on the integration of cultural awareness. Julian holds a CQ Certificate through Cultural Intelligence Center. He’s also a certified facilitator for the Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion in Grand Rapids, MI. He’s a member of the Urban Core Collective Transformational Leaders Program. He also serves on the Board of Director for several Non-Profit Organizations and Mosaic Film Festival.