Helping businesses and communities create opportunities where every person is able to achieve their highest human potential.


Our Mission

Culture Creative is based on a belief that together, when we leverage our perspectives, talents, and energy for the greater good, we can build a more beautiful world. Culture Creative is about creativity, imagination, hope, empathy, courage, humanity, and community.

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Why does CC Matter?

We live in volatile and tumultuous times as a generation. Culture Creative exists to provide leadership and cultural intelligence strategy to companies in every industry that influence the world.


What We Offer

Culture Creative provides vision, strategic planning, leadership development, and creative consulting that is tailor made to fit the needs of each client.


Strategic Planning

Keynote Talks & Presentations 

Drawn to inspire, engage and motivate organizations, individuals and groups to achieve their highest potential.


Focusing on leadership and employee development such as unleashing the human potential of your team, resolving conflict, effective public speaking and public communication.

Vision Strategy

How to rediscover and renew company vision and develop a pathway to getting there.

Presentational workshops 

Center on breaking barriers and increasing understanding including: unintentional bias, healing racism, cross cultural communication and bridging the generational divide in the workplace.


Those Little Things We Do

A Conversation about Unintentional Bias.

The Story of Us

A discussion about how history informs the present and what humanity can do to build.

How Regular People Can Change the World 

Six Components of Transformation.

Building Epic Teams

A workshop centered on building a team that is built to last.


Lorraine Medici

Julian facilitated for me on several occasions in diverse settings and industries. His ability to connect with the audience is palatable. Whether he is engaging one-on-one or in front of a group, he has an ability to listen and “read” between the lines to impact greater facilitation and understanding. Julian’s storytelling is expressive, funny and enlightening capturing the attention of any audience. Even more significant is what his audience leaves with after hearing Julian speak – how can I change my mindset to have a more positive perspective.

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