The Importance of Cultural Intelligence

With the ever-changing dynamic workspace of today knowledge gaps in terms of different cultures and customs are now being exposed more regularly. Cultural divides affect staff morale, work environment, and relationships, all of which influence the quality of work being produced.

 Cultural intelligence is a positive change for all companies; it means greater access to more resources, knowledge and talent, offering a more dynamic work environment.

 No matter how culturally diverse a workplace environment is, people can still forget that not all experiences, perceptions and perspectives are the same, which can lead to issues with the work being done and cause friction in the work place between coworkers. 

 Cultural intelligence is more than just cultural awareness and sensitivity. Individuals and companies with high cultural intelligence have the ability to relate to culturally diverse situations in a positive and compassionate way with people from various cultures and disciplines that could have an impact on the business and relationships. 

 Having a mix of cultures operating together within one organization can bring a number of benefits to your business. In the extremely diverse world we live in, it is becoming vital for companies to have cross-cultural skills in order to remain competitive. 

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