Julian Newman is a dynamic speaker who blessed our leaders at Wedgwood Christian Services with a training on Healing America’s Wound and race relations in America. Julian delivered an exceptional presentation that received a lot of positive response. Attendees appreciated his humor and heartfelt stories to support his strong message. I received several calls and e-mails indicating an appreciation for Julian’s content, delivery, and conviction in what he had to say. He made a significant impact on our management team and organization. The value that he brought is immeasurable and I wholeheartedly recommend his powerful presentations..

Associate Director of Human Resources




Julian spoke at our local AHRM chapter meeting. His presentation was engaging, interactive, and thought provoking. He provided plenty of opportunity to ask questions and engage with one another on the topic. I wished we would have had more time!

AAAPM Baker Holtz




I had the honor of meeting Julian Newman last summer at one of his talks, The Story of Us. I went with great hopes and great fear. It was just after two high profile police killings of black men, and tensions were high. I was nervous about what cross-racial dialogue would look like in this tender time. Instead of the normal focus on black/white issues, Julian took care to include several different ethnicities and races when challenging the group to reflect on our own biases. He skillfully facilitated dialogue which worked to humanize the other participants beyond our differences to create a safe space to explore and become vulnerable together. He is fluent in his communications with people of all backgrounds and seems to easily meet people where they are without judgment and with compassion.

Multiracial Media




Julian facilitated for me on several occasions in a diverse settings and industries. His ability to connect with the audience is palatable. Whether he is engaging one-on-one or in front of a group, he has an ability to listen and “read” between the lines to impact greater facilitation and understanding. Julian’s storytelling is expressive, funny and enlightening capturing the attention of any audience. Even more significant is what his audience leaves with after hearing Julian speak – how can I change my mindset to have a more positive perspective.

Director Training & Development, Express Employment Professionals




Julian Newman is a thoughtful contemporary voice that crosses both generation and tribe. Creatively gifted and exceptionally insightful.

Founder/CEO Global Bridge Builders