A Wonderful World

IN 1967, Louis Armstrong sang about a "Wonderful" world. 

He observed nature along with the next generation, and it made him think about a wonderful world. 

When we look at society today, it is harder to see the essence of Armstrong's song. 

It seems that the world is becoming a meaner, colder, place. 

From shocking news reports, screaming pundits, social media rants, each and every day our wonder is challenged. 

But just because something appears a certain way, doesn't mean that is all there is. . 

And just because we are challenged, it doesn't mean we can't rise to meet it. 

3 Questions To Ask to Help Create A More Wonderful World  

 1. "What if It Was Me?" (Question of Empathy): We judge far too quickly the experience of others. This question forces us into the story of another and moves us from speculation to experience. 

2. "How Did They Do That?" (Question of Curiosity): Small children look at what is common with wonder and excitement. Getting on an elevator feels like magic, and a light switch is mind blowing. Asking this question pokes at our cynicism and makes us less certain and more curious. 

3. "Why Do You Feel That Way?" (Question of Humanity):  Getting the why behind the what, creates new pathways of knowledge and bridges of understanding. Even if we can't physically ask this question of someone, this question (even in an imaginary sense) positions us as to listen and allows others to speak (or live) their truth. 

Take a moment to play a "Wonderful World". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21LGv8Cf0us Listen to the lyrics and the message woven into the melody. 

Then in the next 24 hours, as you engage the world, ask these three questions. 

Then watch what happens next.

Kabel Sheehan